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  • 100% Cloud Based
  • E-Closing Connect
  • Electronic Document Storage
  • Check & Balance Accounting
  • Affordable Pricing

E-Closing was designed by title insurance professionals who were not satisfied with the tools available to them. 

We took a step back approach and designed our software to automate any task we saw as redundant. Because of this, there is a lower risk of error when processing files through E- Closing and processors or paralegals can spend more time supporting clients and less time fixing mistakes.

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Two Pricing Options | One Affordable Solution

Option One: Per User

One time $750 setup fee

One user: $150/month
– $75/month for each additional user

Add or remove users on a monthly basis, no annual contract required

Option Two: Per Closing

One time $750 setup fee

Includes unlimited users and our document scanning/storage feature

$25/closed file* (you are never charged for canceled orders)
* Subject to a minimum monthly invoice of $100

Option One: Per User

One time $750 setup fee

One user: $150/month
– $75/month for each additional user

Add or remove users on a monthly basis, no annual contract required

Option Two: Per Closing

One time $750 setup fee

Includes unlimited users and our document scanning/storage feature

$25/closed file* (you are never charged for canceled orders)
* Subject to a minimum monthly invoice of $100

Everyone is a Target. Don't be a Victim!

By logging into your secure, agency-branded Closing Portal, all parties in the transaction will have:

  • Protection against cyber-attacks, security breaches and phishing attempts
  • Safe transmission of wire instructions
  • Secure, encrypted transmission of messages and documents

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Efficiency at No Additional Expense

Setup your agency-branded closing portal to improve communication and productivity with all parties in the transaction. The portal provides:

  • The ability to initiate communication with all parties in the transaction
  • Status tracking, real-time updates and notifications
  • BONUS: Shields from cyber-attacks, security breaches and phishing attempts

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E-Closing Best Practices

From Monthly Electronic Three-Way Reconciliation to Data Security Solutions, E-Closing has the tools and practices ready to help your title agency succeed.

At E-Closing, we provide affordable solutions that will help you manage your escrow account and make sure that you are prepared for your next audit.

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Old Republic Specialized Agency Solutions (ORSAS) supports local and national policy-issuing title agents to help expand your service area and product lines to fulfill transactions you are unable to complete. Our end-to-end solutions for managing the title, settlement and valuation processes for both local and out-of-state transactions can be customized with individual service components that complement the agent’s existing infrastructure.

In addition to our full suite of title and closing products and services, we have many state-of-the-art technology solutions like:

  • Digital closings
  • Electronic and wet ink signature capture
  • Centralized funding
  • National signing services
  • Integrations to the mortgage industry’s top electronic commerce providers.

Is Your Goal a Smooth Closing?


Small agent? Big dreams? Partner with us.

For over a century, Old Republic Title has been serving the real estate industry, and ORSAS’ team has focused on Title Agents for nearly four decades. Our Relationship Managers have faced the same issues as you and understand the pressures of managing your agency.


Are you looking for peace of mind?

Our compatibility with industry leading title and settlement software providers integrates with your work flow to increase efficiency and reduce errors. We partner with you to deliver clear, consistent and accurate information about your transactions.


How’s your relationship with your search vendor?

We consistently receives high marks from our clients for friendly, responsive service. We help you move your deals to closing quickly and efficiently.

“I want to thank you for not only completing these search requests in a timely fashion but also keeping me informed of the status of these searches. We have had a business relationship with Old Republic Title for nearly 16 years. I think we can use your services for several counties after the fine job your company did!”

Martin G, Owner

Sample Resources from Old Republic Specialized Agency Solutions

What We Can Do for You

Understanding your needs sets us apart.

Old Republic Specialized Agency Solutions (ORSAS) provides title agents a single source to streamline:

  • Title Search Production for Residential, Commercial and Default Properties
  • Quality Control, Examination and Results Presentation
  • Abstractor Management and Administration
  • Document Recording

Dedicated Relationship Managers

Experience and relationships make all the difference. We understand the pressures you are under, because we have faced the same issues and are committed to working with you to provide hassle-free closings.


We are committed to respond in a prompt and friendly manner. We are prepared to receive your inquiries and let you return to work, while we find the answers you need.

Teamwork: Getting Your Deals Closed

Happy customers are repeat customers and great referral sources. From timely pre-closing updates, to helpful document recording specialists, we understand your need to exceed your clients’ expectations.

Workflow Integration

Increased efficiency will help you spend more time focused on managing your agency. Our integration and compatibility with industry-leading title and settlement software providers means we can provide faster production, reduced errors and a more beneficial use of your staff resources.

Quality Assurance

Our state-specific quality-assurance procedures reduce errors and processing time. We review the details to catch any issues or missing information before providing you with a complete report, so you no longer have to make numerous follow-up phone calls to get the information you need.

Proactive Reporting

We deliver daily progress reports directly to you. Our reporting is detailed to keep you informed every step of the way, so you will know where we are in the process with every request.

OR EscrowPro™ is a centralized funding service that provides title agents with a complete solution for escrow management and disbursement. Title agents maintain control over the consumer relationship and closing process while reducing risk. These benefits and more are provided using only your internet browser, without the need for new technology or any upfront costs!

Meet Lender demands for additional security, transparency and compliance with ALTA Best Practices:

  • Separates responsibilities and escrow account management.
  • Ensures escrow funds are separately maintained from operating accounts.
  • Provides ongoing reconciliation of escrow accounts.
  • Removes responsibility of funds disbursement from the agent, giving Lenders confidence in reduced risk of escrow misappropriation.
  • Assures confidence in knowing that funds and loan proceeds are wired and deposited directly from the lender into an Old Republic Title owned and managed escrow account.
  • Incorporates independent reviews by a second party for quality assurance.
  • Offers protection through Treasury-based controls that are continually audited.

Key benefits to your business

  • Escheat management and non-negotiated check resolution, while eliminating banking fees, wire fees and the need for outside reconciliation services.
  • Reduced labor expenses and cost savings through E&O and bond premiums.
  • Workflow is designed to complement your current practices, allowing you to control the release of funds and print checks from anywhere, at any time, even at the closing table.
  • Improved office productivity and more time to promote services and increase revenue-generating relationships.
Old Republic Title is committed to meeting the evolving needs of all of our title agents and approved attorneys, no matter the size of your operations, so you are able to focus on addressing your customers’ needs, running a successful business and staying in the game!
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