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Getting 2020 Vision: See Everything E-Closing Has to Offer!

by | Jan 3, 2020

Welcome to the E-Closing Blog!

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 Let’s start the new year with some introductions!

First, the products:

E-Closing – the title industry’s premier cloud-based title production system. This powerful tool equips title agents to take their business to the next level with features such as a customer-branded closing portal for secure and stream-lined communication; a complete scheduling and transaction management system; complete escrow accounting and more. Onboarding to the E-Closing system is quick and easy –implementation and training time averages less than three hours!

E-Closing DT – Peak performance for your practice! This custom closing software designed exclusively for The Fund membersis packed with features, benefits and seamless integrations to close faster, securely and efficiently. Simplified onboarding, expert support and exclusive member pricing makes transitioning to ECDT a breeze.

E-Closing Reconciliation Services – Managing escrow accounts and making sure you’re audit-ready is one of the biggest pain points for title agents. E-Closing eases those worries and removes that pain with a three-way reconciliation process that ensures your escrow account is in good standing. Along with daily reconciliation, you’ll receive reports and a list of potential account issues to view your balance and resolve any possible issues immediately. Peace of mind can be found in this E-Closing service!

And now, the people:

The E-Closing team includes dedicated team members who provide advanced technology and expertise to help title professionals succeed. With a company culture built on core values and a customer-first mentality, you not only get an exceptional and strong piece of technology, but the care and support from a hands-on team who prioritizes your success.

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