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Notice about Cloudstar Ransomware Attack

E-Closing has NOT been impacted by this attack and remains fully operational with no disruption to service.

E-Closing has been alerted to a ransomware attack on Cloudstar, a popular cloud-hosting platform and data security provider to title and settlement companies. 

Our operations have NOT been impacted by this ransomware attack, as Cloudstar does NOT host information for E-Closing. We do not anticipate interruption to our service related to the Cloudstar ransomware attack.

We are working diligently with others in the industry to mitigate the impact of this event.  


I utilize E-Closing for my closing software. Am I affected?
E-Closing does not utilize Cloudstar’s services. You should not experience issues with the application based on the ransomware attack.

I utilize Cloudstar to host other software. Is there anything E-Closing can do?
E-Closing is offering access to its platform for anyone who has been affected. For assistance, please contact us at (603) 485-7951 or sales@e-closing.com.

What is the update on Cloudstar?
‘The latest Cloudstar system status is available at www.mycloudstar.com/system-status/

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