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Our Clients

Our clients represent the best title agents in the industry, which is why we are proud to state that only the best choose E-Closing. Here is what a few of them have to say about us.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

I’ve used several popular closing programs in my career and I have found E-Closing to be the most user friendly program I have utilized.
E-Closing has a lot of great tools that make the closing process more streamlined which has resulted in increased productivity of our office.
The most important testimonial I can give is the awesome customer service when calling Tech Support – the support staff have worked in the
trenches in the title industry, therefore, they understand the daily challenges we face when we need expert help quickly.
Every person I have spoken to has superior knowledge using the program and is always upbeat and eager to help.
I would recommend E-Closing to any title insurance company looking for a great closing program.

Joe Hall

Branch Manager, Sun National Title Company

I began using E-Closing software 7 years ago and I wouldn’t want to process real estate closing transactions any other way! E-Closing’s user-friendly software keeps me and my files organized, on task and on time. By scanning all of our documents, we are able to process a paperless file and all of our client’s personal information is stored securely on the E-Closing Cloud – No more paper files to store in the basement and all documents are quickly accessible from my desktop. Once in while I need help solving a problem and when that happens, the E-Closing support staff are friendly, patient and incredibly helpful. The monthly fee is easily off-set by the time-saving processing method that E-Closing offers. I would recommend E-Closing software to all title companies and attorney’s offices that conduct real estate closings – it is an impressive tool supported by awesome people that I count on every workday.
Jenelle Smedley

Real Estate Paralegal, Bradley & Faulkner, P.C.

We’ve been a client for several years and we are proud to have such a strong partnership with them. The product effectively and efficiently solves all of the complex challenges we face in the title agent world. The team of specialists on the customer service front lines are always responsive and helpful to the requests of our staff. The E-Closing product has been time and volume tested and they are always looking for ways to improve and integrate with other providers that compliment what we do. I highly recommend E-Closing.

Jack O'Donohue

Managing Partner, Touchstone Closing & Escrow

E-Closing has been our software provider since 2005. All of our operations – daily tasks; client lead generation; final policy; escrow reconciliation – flow through and are enhanced by E-Closing. One of our closers tells new trainees that “E-Closing will brew coffee for you if you tell it to”. The robust functionality, organizational benefits and online accessibility are why each one of our 46 employees uses the system daily. On the backend, E-Closing’s support team is lightning-quick. Whenever we need a document changed or if we have questions with TRID and balancing we get a fast answer. The industry awareness and proactivity of E-Closing’s management keeps us up to date with documents and regulatory shifts. Before TRID ever went into effect, we found ourselves with the ability to practice using closing disclosures in E-Closing. This enabled us to provide valuable insight to our clients in preparation of the rollout. Even after 12 years our company finds fresh ways to utilize E-Closing in an ever-digitizing real estate industry. Why our competitors would use any other system is a mystery, but we are definitely glad that they do!

Ryan Brown

Ancona Title & Escrow

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