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E-Closing is the title industry’s premiere cloud based title production system. E-Closing is a powerful tool that can help modernize and streamline any title operation. Whether you are looking to provide better customer service, track business relationships, adopt a paperless environment or manage multiple offices, E-Closing equips title agents with the tools necessary to take their business to the next level. E-Closing is the easiest title production system to implement and learn with training averaging less than 3 hours.

Visit the Our Partners page of our website to see a partial list of our integrated partners. Give us a call today to schedule a one on one demonstration. A demo of E-Closing may be the best investment you’ve made in your business in a long time.

In addition to transforming the way you manage your business E-Closing includes the following functionality:

  • Easy to use Closing Disclosure and HUD forms
  • Title Commitment and Title Policy Templates
  • Title Premium Calculations
  • Complete Escrow Accounting System
  • Complete Scheduling and Transaction Management System
  • Hundreds of Pre-Loaded Documents
  • Integrated 1099 Reporting
  • Electronic CPL and Jacket Generation

E-Closing TSO was developed for our clients who need an affordable and basic title production system without the bells and whistles of our full production suite. TSO is an acronym for Title and Settlement Only and describes the basic functionality provided with this version of E-Closing. Built on the same powerful cloud platform as E-Closing, E-Closing TSO delivers an easy to use Closing Disclosure/HUD production system along with a complete Title Commitment and Policy generation platform. E-Closing TSO is best suited for small volume agents who handle fewer than 5 closings per month.

The basic functionality of E-Closing TSO includes the ability to generate Closing Disclosures, HUD Settlement Statements, ALTA Settlement Statements, Title Commitments and Policies, and 1099-S forms. E-Closing TSO starts at $29.95/month.

Three Way Escrow Account Reconciliation Services

One of the major headaches for title agents is managing their escrow account and making sure they have all of the reconciliation reports necessary for an underwriter audit. At E-Closing, we have eliminated the cause of such headaches by providing affordable reconciliation services. Our reconciliation service will ensure that your escrow account is in good standing and that you are prepared for your next audit, regardless of your title processing software.

On a monthly basis E-Closing will reconcile your escrow account using the industry standard three way escrow account reconciliation process. The three way escrow account reconciliation process ensures that your bank, book and trial balances are all equal. Completing this three way match protects title agents from significant financial losses due to inadvertent errors in bookkeeping.

Upon completion of the monthly reconciliation, E-Closing will provide you with the following reports:

  • Reconciliation Summary
  • Trial Balance
  • File Balance to Reconciliation
  • Various Registry Reports (as needed)

E-Closing will also present you with a list of potential account issues and outline corrective measures before these issues become an emergency.
As mentioned at the beginning, this service is affordable, in most cases less expensive than hiring a bookkeeper or paying a third party CPA. Our pricing is based on the number of closings completed within the contracted month. This number directly correlates to the number of hours required to complete the three way escrow account reconciliation.

Here is our standard fee schedule*:

  • Up to 50 Closings a month $125 flat fee
  • 50 to 150 Closings a month $250 flat fee
  • 150 + Closings a month $325 flat fee

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* Standard fee schedule is based on an escrow account in good standing. Fees may vary for initial reconciliation.

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